The Danish Solution

thedanishsolutionThe Danish Solution
An International Documentary Film about the
rescue of the Jews in Denmark

When Hitler threatened Denmark’s Jews, the community arose overnight to save them. Danes from all levels of society stood up to the German might at a time when most of Europe turned a blind eye.

Narrated by Garrison Keillor
Written, Directed, and Produced by Karen Cantor and Camilla Kjærulff

TRT: 58 Minutes    Color, Black & White –English and Danish with Subtitles
Completed October 1, 2003 in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the remarkable rescue

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About the film
The Danish Solution is about how the Jews in Denmark, helped by a massive citizen-driven action, escaped the Holocaust. This documentary presents an in-depth look at this remarkable episode in twentieth century Europe, highlighting unique characters and exploring why this rescue happened in Denmark and only there.

On Screen (In order of appearance): Max Asernikow, Jytte Bornstein, Nils Koppel, Gustav Goldberger, Bent Melchior, Therkel Stræde (Historian), Jørgen Kieler, Sofie Bak (Historian), Gudrun Nielsen, Agnete Bay, Torkil  Antonsen, Jens Møller, Frede Svendsen, Lisbeth D Abrahamsen

Scholars, Advisors, and Consultants: Sofie Lene Bak • Lawrence Baron • Michael Berenbaum • Andrew Buckser • Leo Goldberger •  Eva Kollisch • Walter Laqueur • Paul Levine • Michael Mogensen • Samuel Oliner • Lone Rünitz • Therkel Stræde • Leni Yahil

Redemptive Storyteller Award, Redemptive Film Festival 2007
Cine Golden Eagle Award, Spring 2004
Directors Choice, Lenore Marwil Detroit Jewish Film Festival, April 2004
Documentary Film Category Audience Award, Washington DC Jewish Film Festival, December 2003

Comments about The Danish Solution:

“Very important and interesting story, told with a thoroughness, a truthfulness and a myriad of eye witnesses and great black and white filmclips, making you not only feel stimulated and engaged, but also well-informed.” The Danish Daily, Information

“Well-balanced and reliable,” The Danish Daily, Politiken

“Told in a discrete, but urgent tone of voice.” Danish Daily, Jyllandsposte

“The best Documentary on the subject!” Bent Melchior, retired chief rabbi of the Copenhagen synagogue, son of Rabbi Marcus Melchior, who warned the congregation in 1943.

“A well-made documentary, both moving and informative,”  Annette Insdorf, author of Indelible Shadows: Film and the Holocaust.

The Danish Solution is wonderfully made, one of the finer films I have seen in recent memory on the subject matter. This film has unique elements and the filmmakers’ talent and command of the genre is evident.” Jason Redmond, Manager of Acquisitions at CS Associates

Viewers say: The Danish Solution captured the history in a tasteful, even humorous way, that I found enthralling but not sentimental. • A thought-provoking film that captivated the audience – it is both entertaining and educational. • Masterfully done, The Danish Solution is a comprehend-sive and authoritative documentary that accurately presents the historical facts. • This is the best film that has been made about the Danish rescue.

Production Team
Narrated by Garrison Keillor
Written, Directed, and Produced by Karen Cantor and Camilla Kjærulff
Directors of Photography and Sound Jesper Bæk Sørensen & Vibeke Winding
Edited by Anders Refn with assistance from Andri Steinn  & Toke Rude Trangbæk
Post Production Fridthjof Film A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark
Music by Harold Stephàn,  Magik  Music Studios, New York, NY USA
Sound Mix & Design Roar Skau Olsen at The Danish Film Studio